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Welcome: CarTracked Software Company

What is CarTracked Digital Automotive Sales log?

Let us give you a tour of what CarTracked's digital automotive Software is all about!

CarTracked is the only digital sales log on the market actually designed by real car guys. Our digital sales log interface is quick and easy to use, saving you time so you can focus on making more deals. Save time and money by tracking your sales accurately in real-time, creating Due Bills to communicate between departments, and accessing your Delivery Calendar to ensure every customer experience is perfect.

A Screenshot on a laptop of CarTracked digital sales log.

CarTracked is a great tool for any automotive dealership for three reasons:

  1. Fast & Simple

  2. Cost Effective

  3. Secure & Private

Your data is always secure with CarTracked

We’re in the business of selling a Software Service, not your data. Our Privacy Policy ensures that your data is never sold, accessed, or viewed by anyone other than you. We utilize cloud based servers with a 99.99% run time, Cloud Flare protection, and Two-Factor Authentication to ensure data is secure at all times.

Request a Demo

We'd love you to join the CarTracked family. Schedule a demo with one of our product consultants today,

Contact us at or by calling 204-781-3372.

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